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Dreamland Designs

Autumn Garden GACHA 

Dreamland Designs – DD Autumn Garden GACHA available at Gimme Gacha Event

New & Exclusive

Set 13 Items 1 ULTRARARE Bento Adults, 1 RARE Bento PG, 11 Common :

  • 1.DD Autumn Bench Adult-ULTRARARE – 6Li

  • 2.DD Autumn Bench PG-RARE – 6Li

  • 3.DD Autumn Blanket Ladder – 3Li

  • 4.DD Autumn Sparkle Pumpkin Tub – 5Li

  • 5.DD Autumn Old Washtub – 4Li

  • 6.DD Autumn Sunflower Patch – 7Li

  • 7.DD Autumn Pumpkin Wreath – 4Li

  • 8.Autumn Old Weathered Door – 6Li

  • 9.DD Autumn Sunflower Milk Can – 6Li

  • 10.DD Upcycled Garden Bench – 6Li

  • 11.DD Autumn Pumkin Tray – 13Li

  • 12.DD Autumn Tree Patch – 10Li

  • 13.DD Autumn Pumpkin Cart – 7Li

Material Enabled

Transfer Only

  • DD Autumn White Pumpkin Centerpiece GOI – 5Li

Home :

  • Hisa – La maisonette D’Aurora – 66Li






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