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Slimy Snail Speeders GACHA 

MADPEA – Slimy Snail Speeders GACHA available at ACCESS

MadPea is giving you a new way to traverse the SL universe with the Slimy Snail Speeders gacha!

Set 1 RARE and 10 Commons 

Slimy Snail Speeders – Santa Jingletrails (wearable vehicle)

Slimy Snail Speeders – Angelic Shellsky (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Clint Slimewood (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Devilish Dweller (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Johnny McSnailyface (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Mysti Moontrail (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Princess Shelly (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Sir Shellington (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Slimy the Red Nosed Snail-deer (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Super Slimer (wearable vehicle)
Slimy Snail Speeders – Vincent VanSnail (wearable vehicle)

All Slimy Snail Speeders gacha items are 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

GOOSE – Potted pine trees available at Cosmopolitan

New potted pine trees comes in 2 sizes and different snow options.

A puls light option or if you prefer also solid light option.

Porch, terras, shop, shopping district…. they will blend in nicely in every enviroment.

In this pic :

  • GOOSE – potted pine tree BIG 4 (Solid light) – 5Li

  • GOOSE – potted pine tree BIG 5 (Solid light) – 5Li





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