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Holiday Replay Gacha

ChiMia – Holiday Replay Gacha available at the Mainstore

For this event participating mainstores set out a previous release gacha at a discount.

ChiMia is participating with our Knightsbridge Gacha.

In the pic :

  • ChiMia:: Knightsbridge Armchair (Cream) – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Knightsbridge Coffee Table – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Knightsbridge Fireplace – 2Li


What Next – Mishka Bar Cart & Decor Full Set available at the Mainstore

New mainstore release – 7 piece Moscow Mule cocktail bar cart set – with regular cocktail & seasonal version included. The 2 trays give out cocktails to drink or hold.

Set :

  • {wn} Mishka Cocktail Tray – 2Li

  • {wn} Mishka Bar Cart – 3Li

  • {wn} Mishka Bar Accessories (Copper) – 1Li

  • {wn} Mishka Cocktail Single Decor – 1Li

  • {wn} Mishka Cocktails – 1Li

  • {wn} Mishka Frame – 1Li


What Next – Christmas Gift Box available at the Mainstore

  • {what next} Christmas Gift Box (gold snowflake) – 1Li

  • {what next} Christmas Gift Box (gold dot) – 1Li

  • {what next} Christmas Gift Box (gold snowflake) – 1Li

  • {what next} Christmas Gift Box (gold stripes) – 1Li

  • {what next} Gold Gift Box Tower – 1Li


Little Branch – Bradford Tree Potted available at Shiny Shabby

Create an inviting room with the beautiful potted Bradford Tree. The tree’s long trunk has highly detailed bark, some straight and some bent, with others splitting away from each other, all reaching up to clusters of delicate leaves. The pack comes with two pots.

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance. 

  • LB_BradfordTree{Potted} – 2Li

  • LB_BradfordTree{Potted}*B – 2Li


[Rezz Room] – Box Pomeranian Reindeer Animesh available at the Mainstore

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)
Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.
It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

  • [Rezz Room] Pomeranian Reindeer Animesh (Companion) – 29Li

DISORDERLY – Golden Pines available at the Mainstore

Set :

  • DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Loose / Painted – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Stands / Painted – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Trees / Painted – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Vases / Painted – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Deer / Painted – 1Li


In the pic :

  • Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Golden White 

  • [Merak] – Ines Fire Logs

  • Nutmeg. Old Oriental Rug2_Bonus Item

  • ChiMia:: Kobenhavn Loft (Clean Bright)







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