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The Rookie Mysterious Adventure Hunt – Prizes

MADPEA – The Rookie Adventure Hunt – Prizes

A Mysterious Adventure Hunt & Game

with prizes from 11 amazing designers

Unearth the Hidden Secrets of The Rookie!

They say the first case will make or break you.

November 21st – February 21st



  • There are many surprises and secrets in The Rookie, and you should click everything you see to get the full story.

  • There are also two separate endings.  To know the finale of both, you’ll have to play again.

  • There is an awesome Gacha Set of 13 incredible pieces to decorate your Private Investigative offices and keep you on the top of your cases. The two rares can be used in The Rookie, but are not necessary towards full game experience and enjoyment.

  • There are 8 Achievements on each path to collect, 1 Premium Exclusive Achievement, and for the holders of the VIP Private Investigator Passes there is a further Exclusive Achievement.

In this pic :

Some prizes from collaborator designers

  • MadPea Private Investigator Bag – smaller (wearable)

  • MadPea Notetaker Typer Journal (wearable)

  • VARONIS – Profiler Meeting Room Backdrop – 52Li

  • F&M * Secret Passage Library – 5Li

  • [Kres] Vintage Polygraph – 6Li

  • Serenity Style- Confidential Suitcase – 1Li

  • Lilith’s Den – Evidences Easel with Pinboard – 2Li

  • MADRAS Mystery Murder Map Madpea Hunt Prize – 3Li

Some items of MADPEA – Sleuth Supplies GACHA to help uncover clues and solve the case successfully. The RARE Lockpick Kit and Taser Flashlight are interactive with items in The Rookie! 

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Lockpick Kit RARE – 2Li

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Taser Flashlight RARE (wearable)

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Survelliance Kit – 3Li

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Snooper – 2Li

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Nightvision Goggles (wearable)

  • MadPea Sleuth Supplies – Pepper Spray (wearable)



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