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Merryweather Cottage

-Hisa- Merryweather Cottage available at the Mainstore

Merryweather Cottage is a delightful thatched property with plenty of charming original details.

Throughout the property there are timber ceiling beams and exposed stone and brickwork.

The two entries to the house, the front door and the back porch both have the original doors with very unique rose stained glass pieces inset into the door. The porch at the back of the cottage opens into the comfortable living room with the original fireplace. Through the entry hall there is also a large dining room/kitchen as well as a bathroom. The gorgeous wooden staircase was painstakingly dissassembed saving each piece and even the period nails, all items were carefully repaired, restained or in the case of the handmade nails, straightened out and the entire staircase was put back together. There is one bedroom upstairs and another seating area with fireplace

  • HISA – Merryweather Cottage

Footprint: 18.7 x 15

126 Land impact LOD 4

339 Land impact LOD 2


Original Mesh

The Little Branch – Black Oak Tree.v2 available at Cosmopolitan

Black oak, a native of the Chicago region, could be used as a parkway or street tree. The tree’s blackish outer bark is ridged in irregular blocks and the leaf buds are sharply pointed and covered with down. The leaves are usually seven-lobed and glossy dark green above, duller and sometimes fuzzy beneath, turning orange-crimson or brown in autumn.

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures and animated foliage resulting in a true, life-like appearance. A choice of four seasons are readily available via an easy to use pop-up menu to keep your landscaping current.

Complimentary landscaping items are also included in the box.

Includes :

  • LB_BlackOakTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons – 8Li

  • LB_BlackOakTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons – 4Li

  • LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft – 4Li

  • LB_Hill-v1{Low Li} – 1Li

  • LB_Hill-v1{winter} – 1Li

  • LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh} – 2Li

  • LB_OakGrass_Spring{Mesh} – 2Li

  • LB_OakGrassWinter{Mesh} – 2Li


The Little Branch – Wild Conifer Tree available at The Men’s Department

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs

Complimentary landscaping items are also included in the box.

Includes :

  • LB_WildConiferTree{Animated}*4Seasons – 7Li

  • LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons – 4Li

  • LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft – 4Li




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