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14 Days of Love – Valentine’s Calendar

MADPEA Productions – 14 Days of Love – Valentine’s Calendar available at Valentine’s Market

This year, MadPea has 14 brand-new items for Valentine’s.

Every day, from February 1st – 14th, a new item will be revealed.

Find the Calendar at the Valentine’s Market in MadCity

How It Works?

Each Day at 12:00 AM, a new item will be revealed. For 24 hours only (from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM), MadPea Premium members will be able to get the item for FREE. Be sure to wear your Premium tag and click the number on the calendar that corresponds with the day.

Don’t miss a day!

After the next item is revealed, the previous day’s item will go on sale for everyone, including MadPea Premium members who missed a day.

Items may be gifted, so be sure to show your special someone admiration and appreciation by sending them some MadPea lovin’!

The cost of all items, if purchased, is almost L$4,000 making a MadPea Premium membership a great value!

Gifts revealed :

  • MadPea Valentine’s Calendar Day 1 : Cute Sweet Cake – 4Li

  • MadPea Valentine’s Calendar Day 2 : Lock & Key Necklace – wearable

Not in the Premium Group yet? Learn the benefits of Premium 


MadPea Valentine’s Market At Mad City

Stock up on everything you need for Valentine’s Day at 50%-off* in the Valentine’s Market! (excludes Valentine Calendar items)

Treat yourself or send a present to your special someone! 

Find the Valentine Market surrounding the MadPea 14 Days of Love Calendar at Mad City!

You can find also for sale (in the pic) :

  • MadPea Sweet Table – 1Li

  • MadPea Sweet Seat – 2Li

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