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London Bathroom

ASTRALIA – London Bathroom available at Uber

London Bathroom comes with Pink/White/Black color options for every piece!

Adult or PG Shower and animated sink and toilet unit.

Set :

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Bathroom) – 28Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Shower) – 4Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Toilet Paper) – 1Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Cosmetics) – 3Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Hair Care) – 1Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Rug) – 1Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Art and Plant) – 1Li

  • Astralia – London Bathroom (Laundry Basket) – 2Li


ASTRALIA – Petals Hearts available at Anthem

Come in 4 version of words. With change colors for petals and ballons.

  • Astralia – Petals Heart (I wanna make love to you) – 5Li

  • Astralia – Petals Heart (I love you) – 5Li

  • Astralia – Petals Heart (Be my Valentine) – 5Li

  • Astralia – Petals Heart (Happy Valentine’s Day) – 5Li


ChiMia – Midnight Sideboard available for Wanderlust Weekend at the Mainstore

With menu change 7 colors (blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, teal, and purple).

This weekend only (6-7 Feb 2021) for L$50.

  • ChiMia:: Midnight Sideboard w/ menu – 1Li


In the pic :

  • Astralia – Living Colors (Plant&Neon) – 2Li

  • hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . pink variegated – 3Li

  • [Merak] – Small Vanity Mirror – 2Li

  • MH Elara Mirror – 1Li

  • {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (single) – 1Li

  • ionic : Ethereal plant (a) – 2Li





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