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KILLERS Productions

Dock Warehouse

KILLERS Productions – Dock Warehouse available on Discount at TresChic 

Discount price on Event!!!!

Size 16.8m X 36.5m

  • “Killer’s” Dock WareHouse – 52Li


  • “Killer’s” Old Brick Building available at the Mainstore

In the pic :

  • “Killer’s” Empty Crates – 1Li

  • GOOSE – Pallets – 1Li

  • GOOSE – Workers rack – 23Li

  • MadPea Forklift Fun – Truck – Yellow (wearable) – 72Li

  • MadPea Forklift Fun – Hard Hat – Yellow (wearable) – 3Li




Killers Productions Mainstore

Killers Productions Marketplace

Killers Productions Flickr

Killers Productions Flickr pool

Killers Productions Facebook

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