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Dreamland Designs

Basin Outdoor Bed Set

Dreamland Designs – Basin Outdoor Bed Set available at Swank 

Beautiful Outdoor Scene With Flower Surround, Flowing Fountain with sound off and on.

Available in Pg and Adult version

Set :

  • DD Basin Outdoor Bed – 14Li

  • DD Basin Outdoor Surround – 13Li

  • DD Rocky Fountain/Touch For Sound – 4Li

  • DD Old Olive Tree Planter – 9Li

Material Enabled

Copy /Mody

Dreamland Designs – DD Mystical Elven Pond available for Secret Sale Sunday at the Mainstore

Secret Sale Sunday Sale 03-07-2021 (24 Hour Sale)


Running water

Floating Elven Lamp

Mystical Whisps & Lights

  • DD Mystical Elven Pond – 21Li

Material Enabled





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