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Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

@ Uber

Baby Shower set!

With interactive Gender Reveal Box, to make the party even more exciting: it allows one avatar of your choice to set the baby gender and when the parent clicks the product, the box will open revealing Pink or Blue balloons!

Pink, Blue and Pink/Blue Mix color options included

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Gender Reveal interactive Box)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Party Table)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (BABY Decorative cubes)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (“Girl” Latte Dispenser)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Lattes Tray)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Cupcakes Stand)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Diaper Cake)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Twinkle-Twinkle Balloons)

Astralia – Baby Shower! (Hanging Babysuits Ornament)

@ Mainstore for FLF

{what next} Chaise Pool Lounger

{what next} Swan Pool Float 

{what next} Book (wear/add)

{what next} Sunscreen (wear/add)

{what next} Drink (wear/add)


Astralia – Marley Houseboat

{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (pale pink)

DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Balloons / ALL PINK

DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Pink Confetti 1 / Extra

DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Pink Ground Confetti / Extra




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