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Chroma Key Seat

Chroma Key Seat

@ Access

Seats up to two avatars at a time and comes with a texture change menu for the seat (black or white) and the lighting feature. Lighting colors include Blue, Cyan, Green, Hot Pink, Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and White.

MadPea Chroma Key Seat

@ Mainstore 

MudHoney Adrian Computer

MudHoney Adrian Computer Mouse

MudHoney Adrian Desk Plaque

MudHoney Adrian Keyboard

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MadPea WebSite

MadPea Mainstore

MadPea Marketplace

MadPea Flickr

MadPea Flickr Group Pool

MadPea Facebook

MudHoney Mainstore

MudHoney Marketplace

MudHoney Blog

MudHoney Flickr

MudHoney Flickr Group Pool

MudHoney Facebook

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