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Penzance Patio Lounge Set

Penzance Patio Lounge Set

@ Shiny Shabby

Teak wood and woven rattan is combined with canvas upholstery in 4 different colour palettes, together with accent crushed velvet cushions and a knitted melange wool blanket. Menu-driven texture options system

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Right – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Left – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Mid – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Corner – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Mid w/Throw – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Coffee Table 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Lantern 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Wooden Bowl 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Vases 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Lounge Chair – Fatpack

Soul2Soul. Penzance Lounge Chair w/cushion- Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Side Table 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Candle 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Bud Vase 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Bird-of-Paradise Palm – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Curculigo Plant – Fatpack 

Soul2Soul. Penzance Snake Plant – Fatpack 

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DaD – “Laguna House” 



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