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Satan Inc. Event

Wooden Stove

❤❤❤ Novel Events by Astralia and Dead Doll – Est. 2019 presents ❤❤❤
🎃 Satan Inc. 2021 // Second Edition! 🎃

[📅 Opening on October 5th – 3pm SLT]

🎃 Trick Sim
🎃 Treat Sim

Spook your beloved and treat yourself with “Trick or Treat” Reward Mystery Boxes! 🎃
Similarly to its brothers Santa and Cupid Inc., Satan Inc. is an annual shopping event with an innovative gifting system: besides purchasing for theirselves customers will be able to send anonymous gifts!

Spend 800L in the event to unlock the first Mystery Box (Trick or Treat?) and receive them both at 1500L 💘 80 original prizes await you!

More info at:

Join the official }Novel Events{ update group and claim a free gift at the venue!


In this pic :

KraftWork Curio Wooden Stove Iron/Gold

KraftWork Curio Wooden Stove . Set of Pumpkins [Mystery Reward]

{moss&mink} Hocus Pocus Wall Sign

{moss&mink} Spooky Mist Swirl (High LOD)

{moss&mink} Haunted House A

{moss&mink} Haunted House B

{moss&mink} Spider Balloons – Group [Mystery Reward]

{moss&mink} Spider Balloons – Single A [Mystery Reward]

{moss&mink} Spider Balloons – Single B [Mystery Reward]

{moss&mink} Glitter & Spiders – Purple

{moss&mink} Venti Bar Cart

{moss&mink} Lumine Pumpkin Candles

{moss&mink} Lumine Moon Phase Candles

BROKEN ARROWS – Spooky Tray – Orange (Light)



Satan Inc. Flickr pool

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