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Japanese food

Japanese food

@ Tokyo Zero

[Mamere] French fries dispenser

[Mamere] Japanese fried chicken dispenser

[Mamere] Deep fried skewers dispenser

@ Okinawa New Year Festival 

[Mamere] Ozouni dispenser

[Mamere] Oshiruko dispenser

@ Okinawa New Year Festival – GIFT

[Mamere] Ningyoyaki dispenser

@ Mainstore

[Mamere] Ohagi(kinako)

[Mamere] Ichigo Daifuku dispenser

[Mamere] Yomogi Daifuku dispenser

[Mamere] Momiji manju

[Mamere] Mame Daifuku dispenser

[Mamere] Imo Yokan

[Mamere] Kuri Yokan

[Mamere] Ohagi(bean jam)

@ Planet 29

[Mamere] Sake Hama no oto

[Mamere] Sake Kiraku

[Mamere] Sake Kogetsu

[Mamere] Sake Miyabi no sato

[Mamere] Sake Tesu

[Mamere] Sake tasting set

@ Mainstore

[InsurreKtion] Masu Sake Set – Bottle & Masu

[InsurreKtion] Masu Sake Set – Barrel & Masu

[InsurreKtion] Masu Sake Set – Chabudai Table

[InsurreKtion] Masu Sake Set – Shoji Screen

[InsurreKtion] Masu Sake Set – Andon A




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