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MadPea Mad Mines


MadPea Mad Mines

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There is an old pirate tale of a ruthless pirate known on the seas as Captain Burbridge. He made a name for himself by plundering and looting many ships off the coast of Mad World. His greatest exploit was the capture of El Guisante Loco, a galleon with an unimaginable amount of treasure. Some of the booty was split amongst Burbridge’s crew and some was cleverly stashed away behind hidden compartments, puzzles, and treasure maps. A lot of that was found already but it turns out there are even more riches rumored to be laying on the bottom of the Mad Sea.

MadPea is searching for brave underwater adventurers to search for this long lost treasure! It’s a dangerous job as the dark and murky waters are filled with sharks and piranhas that will eat you alive. The area is also surrounded by sea mines that will explode if you end up too close to them.

If you survive and find the treasure, you will be rewarded very generously.

Are you ready to risk your life?


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