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Maldiva Resort


Maldiva Resort


@ FaMESHed

MINIMAL – Maldiva Resort Bungalows

MINIMAL – Maldiva Resort -Straight Segments


@ Cosmopolitan

[Mamere] Globe Blue Curacao Bottle dispenser

[Mamere] Blue Margarita 

[Mamere] Globe Water Bottle dispenser

[Mamere] Water Glass 


@ The Spoonful of Sugar Festival

[Mamere] Goldfish bowl soda dispenser

[Mamere] Pineapple Drinks Float (Tanuki Beer White)

[Mamere] Strawberry Soda dispenser

[Mamere] Blue Hawaii Soda dispenser

[Mamere] Melon Soda dispenser


@ Mainstore

Astralia // Tropical Vibe – Tiki Bar

Astralia // Tropical Vibe – Torch

Astralia // Tropical Vibe – Surfboards



What Next  Flamingo Pool Float

What Next  Monterey Lounger

Little Branch Bottle Palm.V1a {Animated}* Mesh

(Fundati) Mauritia Palm 


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MINIMAL Mainstore

MINIMAL Marketplace


MINIMAL Flickr Group Pool

MINIMAL Instagram


MAMERE Mainstore

MAMERE Marketplace

MAMERE Flickr Creator

MAMERE Flickr Group Pool


ASTRALIA Mainstore


ASTRALIA Marketplace



ASTRALIA Flickr Group Pool

ASTRALIA Instagram


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