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Satan Inc. Event


Pumpkin Mess


Novel Events presents :

🎃 Satan Inc. 2022 🎃

🎃 Trick Sim
🎃 Treat Sim


🖤 “Trick” and “Treat” Mystery Boxes! 🖤
The amazing designers split in two teams and each mystery Box will contain :

🎃 45+ exclusive Halloween items 🎃

They are new products especially created for this Satan inc.!
Upon spending 800L in the venue (purchasing from one or more stores in the event), loyal customers will get a chance to knock on the Devil’s door and claim the first mystery box..

Trick or treat? The choice is yours!

Upon spending 1500L at Satan Inc. the remaining Mystery Box gets automatically unlocked.
All items contained in the Trick or Treats Boxes are copy/no transfer.

More info at:

}Novel Events{ welcomes you to the spookiest Halloween Raffle!

⭐ Grand Prize (x2): 5000L worth of products of your choice in the current Satan Inc. 2022 round!⭐ First Prize: (x5): Receive a Mystery Box of your choice… Trick or Treat? Over 45 prizes!

⭐ Join }Novel Events{ In-world group (it’s free!)
⭐ Fill this form with the required information:

Winners will be announced on the Official Facebook Page!


In this pic :

DRD – Pumpkin Mess – Monster Mashed

DRD – Pumpkin Mess – Cabinet clean / Dark

DRD – Pumpkin Mess – Chair with pumpkins – Light – Mistery item


Out of Event :


@ We ♥ Role Play

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Fireplace 

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Fireplace Tools

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Logs Hanger

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Candlelight

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Magic Herbs

[InsurreKtion] Witch Hut Set 1 – Torch



[InsurreKtion] Wilhelm Apothecary Set 

[InsurreKtion] Wilhelm Apothecary Set – Ladder


@ Alpha Event

DRD – Hpd – Pumpkin tree

DRD – Hpd – Derp pumpkin

DRD – Hpd – Traditional pumpkin

DRD – Hpd – Sadpanda pumpkin


My sponsor References :


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InsurreKtion Mainstore

InsurreKtion Marketplace

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