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Soba Time


Soba Time


@ Okinawa New Year Festival 2022 – 2023 (from 26 December)

[Mamere] Sanpincha Vending Machine – Gift

[Mamere] Sanpincha can decor

[Mamere] Amazake Vending Machine

[Mamere] Amazake can decor

[Mamere] Oshiruko Vending Machine

[Mamere] Oshiruko can decor

[Mamere x Twilight] Soba stall

[Mamere x Twilight] Folding Table

[Mamere x Twilight] Pipe Round Chair (Red)

[Mamere x Twilight] Pipe Round Chair (Green)

[Mamere x Twilight] Stock Pot

[Mamere x Twilight] Soba bowl

[Mamere x Twilight] Shichimi Togarashi

[Mamere x Twilight] Disposable Chopsticks

[Mamere x Twilight] Gas cylinder

[Mamere x Twilight] Tempura Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Croquette Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Oroshi Nameko Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Kakiage Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Nishin Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Tsukimi Tororo Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Tanuki Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Kitsune Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Kake Soba

[Mamere x Twilight] Kamo Nanban Soba


@ Mainstore

[Mamere] Tanuki beer Christmas pack dispenser – Group Gift

[Mamere] Tanuki beer Christmas red dispenser – Group Gift


@ Mainstore

VARONIS – Nakano Back Alley Background

VARONIS – Nakano Back Alley Background [End Part]



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