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Cat Cafe


Cat Cafe


@ The Arcade

01.[Mamere] Giant chocolate cat parfait

02.[Mamere] Black coffee

03.[Mamere] Paw coffee latte

04.[Mamere] Cat marshmallow coffee

05.[Mamere] Yogurt smoothie

06.[Mamere] Couple cat tea cup

07.[Mamere] White cat roll cake

08.[Mamere] Black cat roll cake

09.[Mamere] Cat Pancake

10.[Mamere] Cat Pancake chocolate

11.[Mamere] Cat vegetable curry

12.[Mamere] Cat hamburger curry

13.[Mamere] Cat omelette rice

14.[Mamere] Cat chocolate ice

15.[Mamere] Coffee jelly

16.[Mamere] Custard pudding

17.[Mamere] Cat rice cracker

18.[Mamere] Cat dango

19.[Mamere] Cat Dorayaki

20.[Mamere] Cat Paw Imagawa yaki


@ Mainstore for SL Home Decor Weekend

[Mamere] Cat cake(Baked cheese) dispenser

[Mamere] Cat cake(Baked cheese) decor

[Mamere] Cat cake(Chocolate) dispenser

[Mamere] Cat cake(Chocolate) decor


@ Mainstore

DRD – Backyard Dock – Dock

DRD – Backyard Dock – Terraform attachment Piece – stairs

DRD – Backyard Dock – Table – Beige

DRD – Backyard Dock – Chair – beige

DRD – Backyard Dock – Decor – Plant

DRD – Backyard Dock – Decor – Woven bowl

DRD – Backyard Dock – Decor – Candle



What Next Vida Bar Cart



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MAMERE Mainstore

MAMERE Marketplace

MAMERE Flickr Creator

MAMERE Flickr Group Pool


DRD Mainstore

DRD Marketplace

DRD Flickr

DRD Flickr Group Pool

DRD Facebook



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