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@ The Arcade

[Mamere] Bakery island table

[Mamere] Bakery shelf half

[Mamere] Bakery shelf

[Mamere] Heap of bread tray

[Mamere] Cream cornet tray

[Mamere] Chocolate cornet tray

[Mamere] Cream bread tray

[Mamere] Croissant tray

[Mamere] Curry bread tray

[Mamere] Crab bread tray

[Mamere] Puppy cornet tray

[Mamere] Bagel tray

[Mamere] Cinnamon roll tray

[Mamere] Red bean bun tray

[Mamere] Melon bread tray

[Mamere] Sausage Roll tray

[Mamere] Cheese bread tray

[Mamere] Pan Dulce tray

[Mamere] Walnut bread tray

[Mamere] Deep-fried bread(soybean powder) tray

[Mamere] Deep-fried bread(sugar) tray

[Mamere] Croquette bread roll tray

[Mamere] Mini Baguettes(Spicy Fish Eggs) tray

[Mamere] Mini Baguettes tray


@ Harajuku

[Mamere] Plum Liqueur jar dispenser

[Mamere] Plum Liqueur bottle dispenser

[Mamere] Plum Liqueur glass decor

[Mamere] Honey umeboshi pot dispenser

[Mamere] Shiso umeboshi pot dispenser

[Mamere] Honey umeboshi plate Static

[Mamere] Shiso umeboshi plate Static


@ Kustom9

DISORDERLY. / Spring Berries / Jug / Pink

DISORDERLY. / Spring Berries / Cutting Board / Pink

DISORDERLY. / Spring Berries / Tea Cups / Pink



MINIMAL – Plant Collection II -1-

MINIMAL – Plant Collection II -2-

MINIMAL – Plant Collection II -4-



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