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This Roud at MAN CAVE


Event (17 April – 12 May)


blaink. – The Motel (Lights)


Out of Event :


@ Cosmopolitan

DRD – Faulty Signs – Drive thru

DRD – Faulty Signs – Park

DRD – Faulty Signs – Lounge

DRD – Faulty Signs – Hillsdale

DRD – Faulty Signs – Buffet

DRD – Faulty Signs – Storage

DRD – Faulty Signs – City sign – Make believe

DRD – Faulty Signs – City sign – Elbow


@ Mainstore for Miix Weekend Sale

[Mamere] Tanuki beer bottle 1 dispenser

[Mamere] Tanuki beer bottle 2 dispenser

[Mamere] Beer glass dispenser

[Mamere] Kakinotane Plate dispenser




MAN CAVE Location

MAN CAVE Flickr pool

MAN CAVE facebook


My sponsor References :


DRD Mainstore

DRD Marketplace

DRD Flickr

DRD Flickr Group Pool

DRD Facebook


MAMERE Mainstore

MAMERE Marketplace

MAMERE Flickr Creator

MAMERE Flickr Group Pool

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