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 Pumpkin Cups 

DISORDERLY –  Pumpkin Cups for Saturday Sale available at the Mainstore

Out now until Sunday!

75L each

5 different mesh. Unrigged Bento Holdable; includes Left & Right Hands

Set :

  • DISORDERLY. / Pumpkin Cups / Candies 

  • DISORDERLY. / Pumpkin Cups / Candy Corns

  • DISORDERLY. / Pumpkin Cups / Marshmallows 

  • DISORDERLY. / Pumpkin Cups / Pumpkins

  • DISORDERLY. / Pumpkin Cups / Sprinkles 

Discounted Fatpack available



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MADPEA Productions

Monsterlicious Donut Giver

MADPEA – Monsterlicious Donut Giver – GROUP GIFT available at the Mainstore

New Group Gift is available NOW!

Share a sweet doughy confection with your friends with MadPea’s Monsterlicious Donut Giver.

Included in this pack is a wearable donut tray/giver that will give one of five wearable donuts (blue, green, mummy, spider, vampy) to anyone who clicks. There is also a rez-able version of the tray, as well as non-animated donuts to rez out, if you wish.

Land impact for the tray giver is 6 and just 1 for each individual donut.

The MadPea Monsterlicious Donut Giver is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team!

In the pic some items you can find at :

Satan Inc. Event 

October 13th – November 2

}Novel Events{ presents the most exciting Halloween Event!

Beside the unique gifting system, a new feature has been introduced: “Trick” and “Treat” Mystery Boxes!

Each mystery Box will contain 🎃 30 exclusive Halloween items 🎃

They are new products especially created for this Satan inc.!
Upon spending 800L in the venue (purchasing from one or more stores in the event), the loyal customers will get a chance to knock on the Devil’s door and claim the first mystery box.. Trick or treat? The choice is yours!
Upon spending 1500L at Satan Inc. the remaining Mystery Box gets automatically unlocked.

Join }Novel Events{ and update group 

An exclusive “Go to Hell” dress will be a free group gift available at Satan Inc. for all the members of the update group! Enrollment is free!


  • Sari-Sari – Stacked Pumpkins – 3Li

  • Sari-Sari – Baby Pink Pumpkin – 1Li

  • Sari-Sari – Baby Blue Pumpkin – 1Li


  • Raindale – BOO! balloon – decor – 1Li


  • Ascendant – Cute as Hell Nails Fatpack


  • ERSCH – Elie Dress & Sleeves -fatpack- with HUD

  • ERSCH – Elie Belt with HUD (treat item)

Insomnia Angel 

  • Insomnia Angel . death coming hood [FAT] with HUD

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Festival soup stall

[Cinoe] – Festival soup stall available at KUSTOM9

Eat able and Sit able BENTO animation objects

Set :

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Large pot stall – 7Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Table – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Box – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Exhibition stand – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Ladle stand – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Cutting board and kitchen knife – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Electronic stove – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Lids – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Soup packaged – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Corn cream – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Stew – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Chowder – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Curry – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Potage – 1Li


Dress available at the Mainstore

  • [cinoe] Calico Serving Pants Fatpack 

  • [cinoe] Calico Serving Apron 

  • [cinoe] Calico Serving Shirts Fatpack 

  • [Cinoe] FlatFreeShose Fatpack 

with texture change

In the pic :

  • [Cinoe] Pale dawn – Chair – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Oil Lamp – 1Li

  • MINIMAL – Sora Skybox RARE – 67Li

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Interdimensional GACHA

IONIC – Interdimensional GACHA available at Equal10

Set 2 RARE and 15 Commons

In this pic :

  • ionic : Interdimensional Portal – RARE – 41Li

  • ionic : Andromeda (Pillar) – Dark – 5Li

  • ionic : Energy source stone – Dark – 5Li

  • ionic : Remains of another world – Dark – 13Li

  • ionic : Magical Staff (Silver)

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MINIMAL – Quimera Rings Gacha available at TMD

The Quimera Gacha Rings is a really cool Gacha rings unisex

7 Fantastic Rings available in Gold/Silver with modify/transfer permissions.

14 Commons Total.

Compatible with Signature Gianni,Belleza Jake,Legacy Male & Maitreya.

In the pic :

MINIMAL – Forever Backdrops available at Equal10

Forever Backdrops :

2 different lighting backdrops perfect for photography with a really cool skybox included fitting with the envirovement. For better performance please use Advance Lighting

  • Size of [Forever] Pink Feeling Backdrop: 51x53x51 (with box)

Landimpact 34.

  • Size of [Forever] Dark Feeling Backdrop:14x25x11 (with box) [in the pic]

Landimpact 8.





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MADPEA Productions

Easter Egg Farm – Fun Game

MadPea - Easter Egg Farm

MADPEA – Easter Egg Farm – Fun Game! available at MadPea Farm 

The Fun Has Begun!!!!

Grab your weapon and get ready to claim an Egg-Citing DAILY prize by smashing eggs at the MadPea Easter Egg Farm!

Each day, from April 1st to April 13th, a prize will appear in one of the beautiful eggs found on the Farm, and it’s up to you to crack open the hard-not-candy shell to collect your daily winnings! Collect all of the prizes and you will get a eggstraordinary bonus prize in the end!

Oh, and don’t forget there are Achievements on the Farm!

Premiums, there will be a little something special for you. Keep an eye on the social media and notices. Wear your Premium group tag when buying the HUD!

For more information on the smashingly fun time of Egg bashing and to see the daily prize, check out the MadPea website







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MADPEA Productions


MADPEA - Spellbound FREE to play

MADPEA – Spellbound FREE to play 

In light of COVID-19 and in light that many of us are staying at home to stay safe, MadPea Productions want to give us something fun to do to escape RL for a bit and have made SPELLBOUND FREE TO PLAY for MadPeas group members (group free to join)


The Spellbound Academy of Sorcery, set close to the quaint village of Willowshire, welcomes its first year students to a new school year of magic and mystery.

The Academy’s dedicated teaching staff are ready to guide new students through the four key foundations of magical craft – Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

However, this year there is something very wrong in the school, and corruption is starting to seep up through the ancient stones of the castle. Can you master the skills you will need to help? And are you talented enough to solve the puzzles and figure out what is going on?

Read more here






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