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What Next - Pool

What Next – Lazy Summer Floatie – Full Set available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

Includes 6 different fun and summery designs/colour of innertube floats and three matching little drinks floaties.

Each animated floatie is menu-driven and has a gentle rotation movement, which can be turned on or off by the sitter. The drinks floaties have 2 versions , non-moving/static or with a gentle movement version.

– 8 female single and 9 male single animations, mostly relaxing animations which also include drink and hold sun parasol. When the relevant animation is chosen the float automatically rezzes and attaches a pineapple cup or parasol to your avatar

– 6 adorable couple animations – romantic PG only.

– 2LI each /original mesh/copy & mod (scripts and animations no mod)

– 2LI for the drinks floatie (also dispenses a holdable drink on touch)

What Next – Summertime Radio – Decor available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

An attractive mesh retro-style radio for decorating only. It comes with 16 colour options, whether you prefer neutrals or a splash of colour to suit your decor.

* 16 colour options – colour-change HUD included
* 1 land impact
* copy/mod (script/HUD no mod)
* 100% original mesh

What Next – Summer Drinks available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

It includes a wearable version of the pineapple, cactus, shell or melon, each scripted with a Bento animations (will work for non-Bento too, Bento enabled viewer is needed)

Also includes a rezzable version of each drink, which acts as a drink dispenser , will give your guests a wearable drink on touch (temp-rez)


1 land impact each when rezzed

What Next – Monterey Loungers & Parasols Set available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

The Monterey outdoor chaise and parasol embodies summer relaxation! Crafted with a selection of cool coastal tones and neutral colours and Bento animations in the chaise.

Two versions of the chaise included
– with small pillow: 5 land impact
– without pillow: 4 land impact

Two versions of the parasol included: with or without lights on the spokes and twisted around the pole:
4 land imapct (no lights)
7 land impact (with lights)

– Bento animations for a single avatar or a romantic couple (PG). With auto-attach props , such as drinking, applying sunscreen and reading (book or magazine depending on male or female)

– Texture-changing – menu button on the animations menu for easy use

– Colours: include plain and stripes: white, flax, grey, indigo and pale blue

– Multiple texture-change options for throw pillow

– Chaise frame – in teak wood or white finish.
See related listings for matching loungers and an alternative colour set.

– Copy/Mod (scripts/animations/props are no mod)

– Original Mesh

What Next – Seaclose Floating Deck available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

It comes in a rezzer package with a menu, which you can use to rez all the parts or just pieces you need. After rezzing you can derezz pieces or re-position as required.


– 4 wood colour options: bleached , cedar, grey and white

– 13li deck by itself with pool ladder – with Bento animations for 1 – 4 avatars (or one couple PG romantic). These animations are a mix of deck sits by the pool edge, or pool animations such as diving, floating, jumping into water etc – depending on which spot you’re sat on.

Optional extras are all between 1 -2 land impact per piece:

– 9li when linked – rope railings for back of deck , with little 4li optional lights (decor only lights)

– large and small stairs (2 and 1li each), for meeting different height decks

– decor only wooden ladder: 1li

– diving board – 2li – with multiple dive animations for 1 avatar

– rope railings included unlinked for optional use and also a little walkway piece







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