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MadPea - Dartboard - Premium Group Gift

MADPEA – Dartboard – PREMIUM GROUP GIFT available at the Mainstore

Practice your skills as you play against the entertaining company of friends, family or complete strangers with the classic MadPea Dartboard! Never miss a shot or a good time at your club, home, business, beach or favorite man cave! Just be careful where you throw those darts!

Click the dartboard and choose ‘Join’ from the menu. You will be assigned a dart color upon joining. Click the board again and choose ‘Get Darts’, accept the dart given, and add/wear it from your inventory. Once all players have joined that will be playing, the first player can go.

Each player starts with 500 points on the board. The goal is to be the first player to get to exactly 0. Players will take turns throwing, and have three darts per turn.

If you choose to have the scoreboard out, it will keep track of the current point count for each player.

Land impact of the dartboard is 3 and scoreboard is 2.

The MadPea Dartboard is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team





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