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Reflections of the Past – Quest Game

MADPEA - Washington Wall Fountain

MADPEA – Reflections of the Past Quest Game available at the Mainstore

Reflections of the Past Quest

For those who don’t know, it used to be a thriving theme park, owned and run by the Washington family, before a series of tragic accidents caused the glory to fade and the park to close. Now the strange occurrences and accidents are beginning again, and it is your job to discover why. If you don’t finally put the park to rest, history could repeat itself. MadPea needs you! Collect 11 mirror shards from around the two sims and learn
[06:30] Reflections of the Past Quest: the tragic history of Mad World and the Washington family. Learn the secret, then find the home where it all began and finally lay the past to rest This hunt is free and no HUD is required To start you off, a single mirror shard was sent anonymously to MsPeaBot last week, and she will be glad to hand it over to you. After that, only a cool nerve and eagle eyes will conquer this mystery. But fortune will favour the bold – in the form of a special prize and Achievement Points.

Free to Play

And you can win this wonderful Fountain

  • MadPea Washington Wall Fountain

Is there anything more relaxing that the burbling of the flowing water in a fountain? The MadPea Washington Wall Fountain combines style and sturdy design with the grace of timeless beauty, giving your home, garden, business or club the perfect decor accent!

Owners can click the fountain for a menu that allows you to choose the volume level for the water sounds.

Land impact is 14, but may increase if you resize the item.


The MadPea Washington Wall Fountain is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

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