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La Isla Pool 

ASTRALIA - La Isla Pool

Astralia – La Isla Pool available at Summerfest 2020

“La Isla” pool set :

  • Astralia – La Isla Pool – 100Li

  • Astralia – La Isla Sofa  [sit for 6 avatars] – 20Li

  • Astralia – La Isla Fireplace – 12Li

  • Astralia – La Isla Lounger – 5Li

You can purchase the sofa, the loungers or the pool as single items (adult or pg) or as a mega discounted FATPACK!

10 summer patterns included in the loungers and the sofa (sits for up to 6 avatars!)

The fireplace has 4 different stone textures and you can change the ground to sand or grass.

133LI in total!

Astralia – Unicorn Water-Spray Arch (VIU Gift) available at the Mainstore

  • Astralia – Unicorn Water-Spray Arch (VIU Gift) – 19Li

All parts change colors (sky or pink)

Astralia – ANIMESH Flamingo Floatie available at LEVEL Event


Preview the animation

A lot of mix and match color combination included

Adult or PG version.

Choose the animations or the colors by the menu window.

  • Astralia – Static Flamingo Floatie – 8Li

  • Astralia – Animesh Flamingo Floatie – 22Li


In the pic :

  • Astralia – Surf Beach shower

  • {what next} Monterey Parasol

  • Palm tree with coconuts 4

  • {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (mint)

  • {what next} Lazy Summer Floatie (pink)

  • {what next} Lazy Summer Drinks Floatie (pink)

  • {What Next} Summertime Radio Decor

  • [Merak] – Beach Essentials




ASTRALIA Mainstore

ASTRALIA Marketplace



ASTRALIA Flickr Group Pool

ASTRALIA Instagram



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