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Agents of Mystery – Interactive Adventure Hunt – Prizes

MADPEA - Agents of Mystery - Prizes 4

MADPEA – Agents of Mystery – Interactive Adventure Hunt – Prizes 

Last Days to play and to collect prizes


From June 22nd until August 17th

PRIZES in the pic :

MADPEA – Silenced Pistol 

Available in Black and Silver color

  • MadPea Silenced Pistol – Black

MADPEA – 3D World Map

  • MadPea 3D World Map – 1Li

MADPEA – Geometric Table 

  • MadPea Geometric Table – 2Li

MADPEA – Wall Fountain

  • MadPea Wall Fountain – 13Li

MADPEA – Pen Holder

  • MadPea Pen Holder – 1Li

MADPEA – Agency Desk w/Chair

  • MadPea Agency Desk – 2Li

  • MadPea Agency Chair – 5Li

MADPEA – MBI Agent Computer

  • MadPea MBI Agent Computer Monitor – 3Li

  • MadPea MBI Agent Computer Keyboard – 2Li

  • MadPea MBI Agent Computer Mouse – 1Li

MADPEA – Agency Floor Lamp

  • MadPea Agency Floor Lamp (scripted) – 6Li

MADPEA – Holo-tech Table

Click the table to turn the it on, bringing up a holographic skull image. Click again to turn it off.

  • MadPea Holo-tech Table – 4Li

MADPEA – Digital Desk Clock

Click on your clock to set the time. This will give you a menu letting you choose between a 12 or 24 hour format, as well as turn on and off the clock’s chimes. (Default is set to 12 hours and chimes on.) Click ‘Exit’ to close the menu.

  • MadPea Digital Desk Clock – 1Li

MADPEA – Hexagon Rug

Three color choices are included: Black, Blue, and White.

  • MadPea Hexagon Rug – Black – 4Li

[REZZ ROOM] – Little Punkie Animesh available at Anthem

ANIMESH (Holdable and Rezzable) – Add on Shoulder (female or male avatar version) or Rez on ground
ANIMESH (Companion) – Rezzable & Wearable

Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run or stay inactive.
It’s the same item for the Wearable & Rezzable version.
Land impact may vary, it’s usually near 40Li.

  • [Rezz Room] Little Punkie Animesh Male (Shoulder) – 51Li

  • [Rezz Room] Little Punkie Animesh Female (Shoulder) – 51Li


– 5 Eyes Colors
– 9 Spikes Colors
– 9 Thorns Colors
– 9 Sync Colors (spikes+thorns)

[REZZ ROOM] – CYBER GREYHOUND available at Mainstore

ANIMESH (Companion) – Rezzable & Wearable

8 colors

  • [Rezz Room] CYBER GREYHOUND ANIMESH (Companion)


In the pic :

  • MadPea AoM Intelligence – Safe (prop) – 3Li

  • MadPea AoM Intelligence – Briefcase (prop) – 3Li

  • MadPea AoM Intelligence – Documents (prop) – 1Li

  • MadPea AoM Intelligence – Chemicals (prop) – 2Li

  • VARONIS – Hall Background – 59Li






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