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KILLERS – White Chocolate Store available at Cosmopolitan

Discount Price at event!!!!

  • “Killer’s” White Chocolate Store- 44Li

Size 50m X 30m


Little Branch – Birch Espalier – 4Seasons – Animated available at TLC

Espalier trees are the result of intense training, in which the plants are urged to grow flat against a wall, fence, or trellis. These Birch Trees take up less space and look beautiful in front of a wall or home. The intricate design yields an intriguing visual.

  • LB_BirchEspalier{4Seasons}*Animated – 11Li


Little Branch – Potted White Birch – Animated available at Equal10

The paper birch, known as a white birch, silver birch, or canoe birch, rarely lives more than 140 years. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree that thrives outdoors and is primarily noted and praised for its beautiful white bark. This bark looks incredibly striking on younger trees making them perfectly suited for potted plants. Brilliant green and a lovely burnt orange are the two color choices, and both have matching wild grass.

  • LB_PottedWhiteBirch{Animated}*Green – 3Li


[REZZ ROOM] – Great Dane Adult Animesh (companion) available at the Mainstore

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)

Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.

It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

  • [Rezz Room] Great Dane Adult Animesh ( Companion) – 44Li

In the pic : 

  • [SURPLUS MOTORS] Fellbach Turbo

  • MadPea City Traffic Light

  • VARONIS – AfterDark: Night Call // Street Light

  • MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 11

  • MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 12

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Blue -6-

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Orange -9-




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