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KILLERS Productions

Flubber Beer

KILLERS – Flubber Beer available at Uber

Flubber Beers is Furnished and available in ADULT & PG version.

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer 

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer Deck Table 

  • “KIller’s” Flubber Bar Stool 

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Bar Counter 

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer Cabinet Racks

  • “Killer’s” Beer Fridge

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer Planters

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer Frames 

  • “Killer’s” Flubber Beer Hanging Light

  • “Killer’s” Beer Menu 

Size 8.8m X 9.3m
Land Impact 67


In the pic :

  • “Killer’s” Dumpster Closed (Cream)

  • MINIMAL – Downtown of Vancouver Scene

  • MINIMAL – Penang Building -3-

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Blue -6-

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Red -8-

  • MINIMAL – Junkyard Classic Car RARE

  • MINIMAL – September Group Gift 2019

  • {what next} Vacanza Scooter SE (DECOR ONLY)




Killers Productions Mainstore

Killers Productions Marketplace

Killers Productions Flickr

Killers Productions Flickr pool

Killers Productions Facebook

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