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Serein Skybox

VARONIS – Serein Skybox available at The Warehouse Sale

Serein Skybox is available in ADULT version.

Skybox is available at 30% off for the duration of the event!


  • VARONIS – Serein Skybox – 227Li

Size : 20×25

Built in bathroom and kitchen

Shower & Kitchen Island animations (single, couple and adult)

Materials Enabled

Projector lights


Open space

In the pic :

  • VARONIS – [Chronos] Steel Vase

  • VARONIS – [Chronos] Caffe Latte

  • Architect. Masson Wall Art

  • Architect. Masson Side Table

  • ionic : Monstera deliciosa

  • MH Vintage Baking Pan 1 – white

  • MH Vintage Bowls Stack – white

  • MH Vintage Plates S Stacked – white

  • MH Vintage Mugs Row – white

  • [Cinoe] Seaside daydream – Books 2

  • Ayla. Chocolate Dessert – Coffee w/ Coffee Beans





VARONIS Mainstore

VARONIS Marketplace


VARONIS Flickr Group Pool

VARONIS Instagram

VARONIS Facebook

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