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Vending Soda Machine Set

MADPEA – Vending Soda Machine Set – NEW Premium Group Gift available at the Mainstore

The MadPea Vending Soda Machine comes in varies colours such as Green, Pink, Teal, and Vapor, Several Bottles and Crates are also Included!

Set :

  • MadPea Soda Machine – Teal – 10Li

  • MadPea Soda Machine – Green – 10Li

  • MadPea Crate of Diet Mad Cola Bottles – 4Li

  • MadPea Crate of Orange FizzPeas Bottles – 4Li

  • MadPea Crate of Grape FizzPeas Bottles – 4Li

  • MadPea Crate of Mad Cola Bottles – 4Li

  • MadPea Orange FizzPeas Bottle – 1Li

  • MadPea Grape FizzPeas Bottle – 1Li

  • MadPea Mad Cola Bottle – 1Li

  • MadPea Diet Mad Cola Bottle – 1Li

To use, click on the machine’s touch screen or keypad, and choose with flavor you would like from the pop-up menu. Once you have done that, you will need to accept permissions to attach your soda of choice. Your avatar will carry and drink from the bottle, and the bottle will auto detach after a few moments.

The MadPea Soda Machine Set is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

This Roud at MAN CAVE

Event (17 August – 11 September)

Bdrop – BackDrop Neon Street – Fatpack 

  • Bdrop // BackDrop Neon Street – Exclusive – 30Li


In the pic :

  • “Killer’s” Dustbin 01 – 1Li

  • “Killer’s” Dustbin 02 – 1Li

  • 2 – crate Expression Sofa & Ottoman – Lootbox Item – 3Li

  • crate Melodic Life Guitar Shelf – 2Li

  • crate Pub Grub – Burger – 1Li

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Blue -6- – 4Li

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Green -7- – 4Li




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