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Villa Phaidros

HISA – Villa Phaidros available at FaMESHed

Villa Phaidros comprises two fabulous bedrooms, one bathroom, split level living room and two outdoor split level balconies–. Smooth, curving walls painted white combine with stone to create a classic look. Sophisticated living with a homey feel.

  • HISA – Villa Phaidros – 230Li

Footprint: 15.5 x 20

80 Land impact LOD 4

230 Land impact LOD 2


Original Mesh

In the pic :

  • HISA – Climbing Vines 

  • MINIMAL – Greek Island Gacha 09

  • MINIMAL – Greek Island Gacha 12

  • MINIMAL – Greek Island Gacha 13

  • MINIMAL – Greek Island Gacha 15

  • {what next} Monterey Parasol

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Corner – Fatpack

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Loveseat – Fatpack

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Chair – Fatpack

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Ottoman – Fatpack

  • Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Table

  • Apple Fall Row Boat – Cream

  • Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White

  • Apple Fall Times Newspaper

  • West Village Pancake Breakfast Board

  • MH Marli Deck Chair Fatpack

  • “Killer’s” Royal Swan Fountain (Animated)

  • TLC Eurasian collared dove – texture version A

  • TLC Eurasian collared dove – texture version B

  • TLC Pelican Animated

  • [Merak] – Ceramic Pots

  • [Merak] – Summer Vases Teal

  • [Merak] – Breakfast Tray

  • ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Cup

  • [Rezz Room] European Cat Adult Animesh (Companion)

  • DD Bougainvillea Tree Trellis

  • LB_Bougainvillea.v2{Animated}*Multiflowers

  • LB_BottlePalm.V3{Animated}*Mesh

  • DaD “Beach Rocks”





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