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Pooper Troopers 

MADPEA – Pooper Troopers GACHA available at The Epiphany

These ride-on commodes have been transformed into high-tech racing machines. Set has a variety of helmets, a finish line, and poop cones. Ride or race for hours of fun and laughs at parties and events.

Set 2 RARE and 21 Commons :

Pooper Troopers – Boombastic BM (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Fishy Flush (wearable vehicle)

Pooper Troopers – Boombastic BM Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Dirty Doo-Doo (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Dirty Doo-Doo Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Finish Line (5li – interactive)
Pooper Troopers – Fishy Flush Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Golden Throne (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Golden Throne Vehicle (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – No Poop Sign (4li)
Pooper Troopers – Poop Happens Sign (4li)
Pooper Troopers – Poop Traffic Cone – Dark (1li)
Pooper Troopers – Poop Traffic Cone – Light (1li)
Pooper Troopers – Porcelain Poop (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Porcelain Poop Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Scary Crap (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Scary Crap Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Shiny Stool (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Shiny Stool Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Stinky Pink (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Stinky Pink Helmet (includes resizer)
Pooper Troopers – Vintage Waste (wearable vehicle)
Pooper Troopers – Vintage Waste Helmet (includes resizer)

Epiphany Exclusive:
Pooper Troopers – Poop Helmet (includes resizer)

Note: This item is exclusive to the Epiphany event only and will be retired once the event is over. You can use your Epiphany points to purchase the item and it is non-transferable.

Special VIP Reward:
Pooper Troopers – Super Pooper (wearable vehicle)

Note: This VIP Reward can only be earned by spending a total of L$1,000 at our Pooper Troopers gacha machine at The Epiphany event. This item is non-transferable.

Using your Pooper Trooper toilets :

Add/wear your toilet racer and be sure to turn off or detatch your AO. From there, move around like you normally would!

Click your toilet racer for a menu allowing you to enable or disable particles and sounds.

You can manually adjust the size of your toilet racer and where it is attached on your avatar by right clicking on the racer, choosing ‘Edit’, and using the edit window accordingly.

Using your Finish Line :

Set your finish line up wherever you’d like to have it and cross into the toilet paper lines to break them. The winner will be announced in local chat and over the finish line. The item will automatically reset after a short time.

All Pooper Troopers gacha items are 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

[REZZ ROOM] – IMPERIAL Doberman Animesh V2 Black available at the Mainstore

New Version!!!!  ( free update for people who already bought it)

  • [Rezz Room] Imperial Doberman Animesh V2 Black (Companion)

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)
Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.
It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

In the pic :

  • [-BLUE SKY-] Urban Road – (12)

  • .PALETO.Backdrop:. Knox-03 





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