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This Roud at MAN CAVE

Event (17 October – 11 November)

TROPIX // Terror on the train 

Come in 2 variant with and without blood

  • TROPIX // Terror on the train – 62Li


MADPEA – Creepy Crawlers GACHA

MadPea’s Creepy Crawlers gacha set is made exclusively for the October 2020 round of Man Cave.

There are 9 Common and 1 Rare items in this set.

In this pic RARE :
Creepy Crawlers – Widow Maker (15li – rezable vehicle)

Creepy Crawlers – Bitsy (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Fang (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Hunter (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Spinderella (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Spinner (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Sunshine (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Venom (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Violetta (wearable vehicle)
Creepy Crawlers – Webster (wearable vehicle)

Using your common Creepy Crawlers :

Add/wear the spider and turn off or remove your AO. You may also need to adjust your hover height so that you are not sunk into or hovering too far above the ground.

You can then move around like you normally would walk around in SL.

Using your RARE Creepy Crawler :

REZ the spider on the ground and sit on it. You may need to turn off or remove your AO. Use your arrow keys to move the spider along. Once you reach a wall, you will start to climb it. Climbing back down the wall will put you back on the floor once you reach it. Clicking on the spider will bring up the sit menu allowing you to adjust your avatar’s position on the spider.

All Creepy Crawler gacha items are 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team


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