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Cental Park Bridge

MINIMAL – Cental Park Bridge available at Collabor88

Central Park Bridge

One of the most emblematic/romantics bridges in New york, perfect for photographers/couples and sim decorators.

This complete scene include animated water and all the environment.

Possibility to unlink the bridge and expansion included 

Size: 35x25x19

  • MINIMAL – Central Park Bridge – 179Li

  • MINIMAL – Central Park Bridge -Expansion- 71Li


What Next – Southsea Deck Chairs & Decor Set available on Marketplace

Set :

  • {what next} Southsea Deck Chair – 2Li

  • {what next} Southsea Table – 2Li

  • {what next} Southsea Table (smaller) – 1Li

  • {what next} Southsea Books Decor – 1Li

  • {what next} Southsea Lantern – 1Li


│T│L│C│ Stilt Sandpiper Collection – Animesh available at the  Mainstore

Set includes stilt sandpipers in 4 texture variants, and a landscaping patch

  • TLC Roaming Stilt Sandpiper [Adult 1] – 31Li

  • TLC Roaming Stilt Sandpiper [Adult 2] – 31Li

  • TLC Roaming Stilt Sandpiper [Breeding] – 31Li

  • TLC Roaming Stilt Sandpiper [Juvenile] – 31Li

  • TLC Stilt Sandpiper [Adult 1] – 1Li

  • TLC Stilt Sandpiper [Adult 2] – 1Li

  • TLC Stilt Sandpiper [Breeding] – 1Li

  • TLC Stilt Sandpiper [Juvenile] – 1Li

  • TLC Stilt Sandpiper Landscape – 20Li


In the pic :

  • Apple Fall Coastal Pier Large – 7Li

  • Apple Fall Row Boat – Cream – 14Li

  • Action Autumn Leaves [D][LARGE] – 1Li

  • Action Autumn Leaves [C][STRAIGHT] – 1Li





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