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Shih Tzu Adult Animesh

[Rezz Room] Shih Tzu Adult Animesh (Companion) available at Equal10

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)
Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.
It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

  • [Rezz Room] Shih Tzu Adult Animesh (Companion) – 53Li

Merak – Emma’s Armchair available at the Mainstore

Wingback chair with a recliner.

The armchair can be purchased in various patterns, in PG or ADULT Versions.

The armchairs have a lot of singles, and couples as well as activities animations with props, if you want to eat some popcorn, relax with a book and wine, or snuggle by the fireplace with a pillow.

The armchair comes together with the recliner, which is optional to use.

The throw blanket on the recliner has a texture change menu to choose from.

Fatpacks of both PG and ADULT Versions can be bought as well at a discounted price.

Set :

  • [Merak] – Emma’s Armchair (white) – 11Li

  • [Merak] – Emma’s Otoman(white) – 5Li


APHRODITE – Christmas Hot Choco & Gingerbread cookies Tray for Happy Weekend available at the Mainstore

60L for Happy Week

with props!

  • <Aphrodite> Autumn Food Board – 10Li


  • <Aphrodite> Christmas Hot Choco & Gingerbread cookies Tray – 8Li

In the pic :

  • [Merak] – Christel’s Candle Lantern – 3Li

  • [Merak] – Christel’s Ornaments Lantern – 2Li

  • [Merak] – Holiday Socks (presents) – 2Li

  • [Merak] – Ines Fire Logs – 5Li

  • Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked – 16Li

  • ChiMia:: Marais Apartment (Royale White) – 82Li





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