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Hot Cocoa Machine

MADPEA – Hot Cocoa Machine available at ACCESS

MadPea’s Hot Cocoa Machine

Add to your MadPea Kitchen Appliance line and share the joy that a mug of hot chocolate brings with everyone that comes to visit!

To use, simply click the button on the front of the machine and choose which of three types of cocoa you would like to make. The machine will whir to life and create your cocoa of choice. Once done, you will be prompted to accept attach permissions for the mug. Choose yes and enjoy your hot cocoa!

The owner of the machine can choose ‘settings’ from the menu and choose to change the color of the machine (black, blue, green, metal, pink, red, or white) and to lock the machine from use by others. 

Set includes the Hot Cocoa Machine as well rez versions of the mugs and a jar of mix, for decorative purposes.

  • MadPea Hot Cocoa Mug – 1li

  • MadPea Hot Cocoa Machine – 5 li

  • MadPea Hot Cocoa Mugs – 1 li

  • MadPea Hot Cocoa w/Marshmallows Mug – 1 li

  • MadPea Hot Cocoa w/Whipped Cream Mug – 1 li

  • MadPea of Hot Cocoa Mix – 2 li

  • MadPea Plain Hot Cocoa Mug – 1 li

The MadPea Hot Cocoa Maker is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

[Cinoe] – Dreaming flowers available at KUSTOM9

Eat and drink able BENTO animation objects

Come in 3 mesh and 3 different colors (Red, Green, Blue)

  • [Cinoe] Dreaming flowers – Circle – 2Li

  • [Cinoe] Dreaming flowers – Rectangle – 2Li

  • [Cinoe] Dreaming flowers – Square – 2Li




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