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Hera Iris Curtains

ChiMia – Hera Iris Curtains for Saturday Sale available at the Mainstore

New for Saturday Sale 16-17 January 2021: Hera Iris Curtains for only L$75

24 fabric options via texture change menu on touch. (8 colors in 2 geometric patterns or solid colors.)

  • ChiMia:: Hera Iris Curtains – 4Li


ChiMia – Francine Accent Chair (Ethan) available at the Mainstore

This is a PG rated chair that has 36 poses/animations to choose from via menu when sitting. Touch the base of the chair (the metal stand) to get a texture change menu and choose from 16 different colors/patterns. 

  • ChiMia:: Francine Chair [Ethan] (PG) – 1Li


ChiMia – Foyer Door Table & Mirror Set available at the Mainstore

An old door upcycled into a hallway table, perfect for keeping all your essential items to grab on your way out the door. Our gold standing mirror pairs well with this item for a good hallway set up that still leaves room for more of your decor.

  • ChiMia:: Gold Foyer Mirror – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Foyer Door Table & Mirror – 2Li

Includes both door and mirror in one pack.


GOOSE – Decorative garden obelisk available at Cosmopolitan

Come in two colours (Black, White) and with or without light. 

  • GOOSE – Obelisk WHITE big – 8Li


MINIMAL – Light Room Backdrops available at Kustom9

Come in 3 original version.

  • MINIMAL – Light Room Backdrop -3- 15Li


In the pic :

  • Nutmeg. Antique Table Lamp – 4Li

  • Nutmeg. Lavender secret package Group Gift – 1Li

  • ReKa. Still Life / 2 – 1Li

  • ReKa. Still Life / 3 – 2Li

  • hive // pink caladium plant – 2Li





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