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Paris Luxury Wardrobe

ASTRALIA – Paris Luxury Wardrobe available at Collabor88

Two Units with mix and match color options : 3 wood colors (with silver and gold details) and pink/red/beige textures for all the wardrobe items!

Adult or PG animation for the seat 

  • Astralia – Paris Luxury Wardrobe (Unit 1) – 7Li

  • Astralia – Paris Luxury Wardrobe (Unit 2) – 14Li

  • Astralia – Paris Luxury Wardrobe (Shopping Bags) – 4Li


In the pic :

  • hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . pink variegated – 3Li

  • hive // bird of paradise plant – 2Li

  • hive // kentia palm plant – 2Li






ASTRALIA Mainstore

ASTRALIA Marketplace



ASTRALIA Flickr Group Pool

ASTRALIA Instagram

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