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The Pigeon Café

|T|L|C| – The Pigeon Café available at Cosmopolitan

Set :

  • TLC Pigeon (different colors) – 1Li

  • TLC Cafe Table And Umbrella – 9Li

  • TLC Cafe Chair – 2Li

  • TLC Cafe Street Sign – 2Li

  • TLC Food Wagon [ White] – 5Li

Sound on/off


│T│L│C│ – White Doves in Love available at Cosmopolitan

Sign comes in 3 texture variants

  • TLC White doves ‘Warm Welcome’ – 5Li


In the pic :

  • {what next} Coffee Machine – 1Li

  • {what next} Paper Cup Stack Upright (coffee) – 1Li

  • {what next} Paper Cup Stack Tipped (coffee) – 1Li

  • {what next} Coffee Cup – Rezzable Decor – 1Li

  • {what next} Bag of Coffee Beans – 1Li

  • DaD – Positano Farmhouse

  • DaD – Climbing Ivy 

  • Ionic – Mediterraneo RARE






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|T|L|C| Marketplace

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